i really like youtubers tbh and bands like they are so swaggy. 1/2 of my mascots have noticed me too many times to count, ayy lmao.

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Welcome to my blog. I have a to do list located right here and my what i do list located here. I've made like quite a few roleplays and have been roleplaying on Tumblr for close to 2 years. I make a lot of manips so if you want one, don't be shy to ask because I love making them. Before you ask, Andrew Lowe (ohheyitsandrew) and thatsojack are my mascots and I make most of the gifs I use of them.

“Life is short, there could be a huge tidal wave and we could all get washed up. Enjoy the moment!”

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Heathrow Airport - 5/4/14 (x)

the cutest and sweetest guy every thank you so much andrew




I reached my first 100 followers a couple days ago and I've been working super hard on creating this theme for almost a week or so, and with a quick decision I decided to post my very first theme. Please do not steal any of the graphics from the live preview. It's not nice.

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dnarp said: “Therefore this day marks a happy occasion—the day on which we receive our new initiates, who will work with us toward a better society and a better world.” — It’s not really a choice after all, it’s built in your DNA. This roleplay explores the futuristic dystopia that Veronica Roth created in Divergent with OC characters, and we would love it if you could please give us a shout out. Thank you in advance, darling.

I have yet to redo my shoutout graphic but go check them out! I mean, Divergent is amazing and this roleplay looks really swaggy.